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Cover soil

Casting soil is an ideal product for the formation of fruiting bodies when growing champignons. It creates a favorable microclimate for the development of mycelium and microorganisms necessary for future champignons. It is both a protective layer and serves to nourish the mycelium.

Ready technological substrate
100% natural product.
Substrates according to individual recipes

100% healthy and stable

Technology, modern production and proximity to the quarry allow us to produce products that are stable in structure and composition. The purity of incoming raw materials and sanitary treatments at all stages ensures the health of the produced cover soil.

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Ready technological substrate

Фоновое изображение Иконка

Individual calculation of discounts

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Technologist consultations

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Healthy Harvest

more, faster and easier with Ecorost cover soil

To increase the return on costs for the production of cultivated champignons, it is necessary to achieve an increase in yield using Ecorost cover soil.

Growing champignons with cover soil, which has many advantages:

  • 100% natural product
  • 100% stable composition
  • increased activity of beneficial organisms
  • accelerated activation of metabolism and stable growth
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Why us?

More details
  • Иконка Extraction of lowland peat from a compositionally stable deposit
  • Иконка Modern automated full cycle production
  • Иконка Customer-oriented team
  • Иконка Laboratory control of incoming raw materials and finished products
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Efficiency of cover soil Ecorost

Our product is of high quality and  meets a number of requirements:

  • Stable chemical composition;
  • the structure of the cover soil has a  composition that allows you to work with technological equipment or use manual labor;
  • has a high moisture capacity, which allows you to work at a large temperature difference between the compost and the air, and is sufficient for the planned harvest of champignons;
  • soil structure can withstand heavy watering;
  • the soil is structured, has a lumpy structure, contains air gaps for the development of mycelium;
  • cover soil  absorbs water during watering and gives it to the further growing champignons;
  • there are no foreign inclusions in the cover soil in the form of branches, stones, sticks that interfere with the operation of the equipment;
  • cover soil is not  contains sources of fungal infection, parasites and competitors of champignons;
  • The packaging of the covering material can withstand transportation and is convenient for loading and unloading operations and storing products;